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True compliance

True compliance is challenging when you need to handle multiple data sources with high complexity and conduct threat analysis and risk assessment on multiple levels. SystemWeaver makes it easy to maintain up-to-date documentation and stay compliant with ISO 21434.

The cyber security landscape is changing fast

Vehicle complexity is constantly growing, with more and more interfaces and connections to back-end systems over the air. The supply chain is expanding to include even more different suppliers and systems. At the same time the cyber security landscape is rapidly changing and the threats we see today are not what we will need to defend ourselves against in the future.

With SystemWeaver you can achieve ISO 21434 compliance faster. It enables you to collaborate with your whole organisation in real-time, and most importantly always have an up-to-date view of whether you are compliant or not. And if not – how to correct it.


Multiple data sources

High level of complexity

Ensure that a design is secure from a cyber security perspective

Ensure that documentation is always complete and up-to-date for ISO 21434

Move away from a general tool like Excel to a best in class tool designated for Cybersecurity

Why SystemWeaver?

Collaborate with the rest of the organization

Manage data and traceability for cyber security

Generate all needed documents for ISO 21434

Standard and customized cybersecurity catalogues

Generate cybersecurity assurance case from TARA

SystemWeaver at a glance

Gather all relevant data and choose between many different types of visualisation

Conduct threat analysis and risk assessment on multiple levels (TARA)

Fulfilling cyber security requirements and test traceability

Generate security cases and other needed documentation

What’s different about using SystemWeaver?

Guides and helps the user in conducting the analysis

Helps experts keep track of data over time, with built in versioning and configuration management

Validates the consistency and structural completeness of the analysis data

Built-in variant handling

Advanced test and requirement management capabilities

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